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Interview with Luis Pabón: Creator of

As I’ve been learning more about the PHP and Docker ecosystem, I’ve been keeping an eye out for tools that PHP developers can use to speed up or improve their Docker workflows. is one such tool, and this week I got to interview the project’s creator, Luis Pabón. If you’re not familiar with it, is a free and open source... Read more

Running Wordpress with Docker Containers

The first exposure I had to PHP code was Wordpress, and ever since then the CMS has held a soft spot in my heart. Wordpress is used by millions of websites, so knowing how to set up a new instance and run it within Docker containers is a valuable skill for PHP developers. This tutorial will use the official Wordpress Docker image as well as som... Read more

Running a SlimPHP Application in Docker Containers

Using Docker to run a simple PHP web application is one thing, but how hard is it to install and run a small framework like SlimPHP in Docker containers? Let’s try it out! 1. Installing SlimPHP with Docker and Composer First we need to install SlimPHP into a new directory. Their documented installation instructions assume that you’ve got Com... Read more

Introduction to Writing Unit Tests in PHP with PHPUnit and Docker

Testing your code is a great way to improve quality and minimize bugs due to regression. PHP has a couple frameworks available for unit testing, but the most popular by far is PHPUnit. Because unit tests are going to be run on a variety of environments, running tests within Docker containers can make tests faster and more portable. This tutori... Read more

Switch Statements in PHP

While the switch statement isn’t as popular as conditional operators like if and elseif in PHP, it can still be useful when evaluating a number of possible outcomes. Using a switch statement is pretty simple, so let’s look at an example: <?php $var = rand(0,2); switch($var) { case 1: echo "The magic number is one."; bre... Read more