Shiphp The PHP Developer's Guide to Docker


My name is Karl and I’ve been building PHP web applications for the past six years. Like many PHP developers, I’m mostly self-taught and started out just hacking around on Wordpress sites. Since those early days, I’ve had a lot of great teachers, launched production-quality web applications, read a number of books, and completed more tutorials than I can count.

A couple years ago, I took on the task of learning Docker, but I realized there weren’t many great resources for PHP developers just starting out with it. After struggling for a while, I eventually found my footing, and now that I’ve been using Docker exclusively for local developer and to ship many projects, I’ve put together this site as a resource for other developers looking to learn it.

In addition to the blog on this site, I’ve also released an eBook, and am offering in-person training for companies that want hands-on help. Check back on this site often because I post weekly blog posts that could be a great resource for PHP developers looking to get a leg up on Docker.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact me. Thanks for visiting!

~ Karl Hughes, Founder of